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1. Trademark

“PPMobile” as a mark, logo or marker of a product.


Mark is a sign in the form of picture, name, word, letters, numbers, configuration of colours or combination of the said elements which has distinctive ability and it is used in trading activities of goods and services.

2. Copyright

There is an application program namely “SMS” or Short Messages Services which allows users to send or receive short messages.


Copyright as a computer program shall mean a collection of instructions manifested in the form of language, codes, diagrams, or any other forms, which when it is combined with media that can be read by computers or be able to make computers work to execute certain function or to obtain specific results, including the preparation in designing the instructions.

3. Industrial Design

An aesthetic impression of mobile phone (outward appearance) on each side of appearance which has the different shape, configuration, composition of lines and colours with the other mobile phones.


Industrial design shall mean a creation on the shape, configuration, or the composition of lines or colours, or the combination thereof in the form of a three or two dimension which give an aesthetic impression and can be manifested in a three or two dimensional pattern and can be used to produce a product, goods, industrial commodity or a handcraft.

4. Patent

Technology invention in the system and mechanism of mobile phone’s component at antenna signal.


Invention shall mean an Inventor`s idea manifested in any activity of solving a specific problem in the field of technology, in the form of a product or process, or an improvement and development of a product or process.

Patent shall mean an exclusive right granted by State to an Inventor for his Invention in the field of technology, who for a certain period of time implements it or allows the same right to the authorized side.