Trademark / Service Mark

What is a Trademark?

According to Trademark Law of the Republic of Indonesia no. 15/2001, mark shall mean a sign in the form of a picture, name, word, letters, numerals, composition of colors, or a combination of said elements, having distinctive character and used in the activities of trade in goods or services.

The benefit of registering a trademark

  • The owner of a registered mark shall have the exclusive right granted by state for a certain period of time, to himself or the authorized party to use said mark.
  • The owner of a registered mark shall have legal protection for a period of 10 (ten) years computed from the filing date and the protection period can be extended.

What can we assist you?

  • Searching and pre-filing advice
  • Application filings and prosecution
  • Trademark renewals
  • Recordal of trademark assignments, mergers, changes of name or address
  • International Trade Mark Registration Services Offers an international trade mark registration service covering jurisdictions throughout the East Timor, ASEAN, Asia, China, Far East/Middle East, Australia, Europe, USA, Russia region, and other parts of the world.

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