Industrial Design

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial Design shall mean a creation on the shape, configuration, or composition of lines or colors, or lines and colors, or the combination thereof in a three or two dimensional form which gives aesthetic impression and can be applied in a three or two dimensional pattern and can be used to produce a product, goods or an industrial commodity or a handicraft.
An Industrial Design shall be deemed new if there is no the same disclosures before its Filing Date.
The Right to Industrial Design protection shall not be granted if an Industrial Design is contrary to the prevailing laws and regulation, public order, religion, or morality.
The protection of the Right to Industrial Design shall be granted for 10 (ten) years commenced from the Filing Date.

The benefits of registering a patent

The Right Holder to Industrial Design shall have the exclusive right to implement the right and not to allow other side without his consent to make, use, sell, import, export and/or distribute the related products. 

What can we assist you?

  • Counseling on registrability
  • Search on registrability, based upon domestic and multinational industrial design database
  • Drafting industrial design specification
  • Drafting industrial design drawings or technical drawings
  • Preparing and filing industrial design applications
  • Prosecution of industrial design applications in Indonesian Patent Office
  • Prosecution of industrial design applications in Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM)
  • Prosecution of industrial design applications throughout the world in co-operation with foreign associates
  •  Translating of industrial design documents to Indonesian as mandatorily required, either from English, or from French to Indonesian in no-urgent basis
  • Recordation of the assignments and changes at the Indonesian Design Office
  • Monitoring and updating current status report of industrial design applications


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