Business Permit

What is a Business Permit?

Entering the era of globalization also means entering the era of free trade, which requires businesses to further enhance their competitive advantage to maintain the existence in the global market. They should inevitably prepare themselves for their success in this era. 

A business activity cannot be separated from its license. Business licensing in Indonesia is set in Presidential Instruction No. 5 of 1984 on simplification of licensing and control in the field of business, and in the Decree of the Minister of Trade and Presidential Decree No. 1458 / KP / XII / 1984 no. 4 of 1985, dated December 19, 1984 on business license.

The benefits using the services of business permit

Business permit provides integrated services to assist your company facing the era of globalization and free trade to sharpen your competitive supremacy in global market.

Business partner of Pacific Patent Multiglobal will secure the following real economic benefits: 

• Profit of brand reputation
• Improvement of product and process
• Quality and safety
• Reduction of costs and inefficiencies
• Enhancement of productivity and profitability
• Minimum of business risk
• Improvement of access to international markets

What can we assist you?

Pacific Patent Multiglobal is partners with some of the official Government Certification Boards as well as the top worldwide ones in providing facility of business certifications to support your company gaining a competitive supremacy in global market such as:

  • Certification Number MD and ML for National Agency to Food and Drug Control (BPOM )
  • Halal Certification of Indonesia Ulama Council (MUI)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification
  • Indonesia National Standard (SNI) Certification
  • Barcode
  • CE Marking


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